Everyday, I look into the eyes of my children and see the promise and potential in their future — the opportunity for growth and prosperity that has been the birthright of every American.

But that opportunity is being squandered by the Washington insiders who grow further out of touch with our conservative values with each passing day.

As your Congressman I will fight to reduce the size, cost and reach of the federal government. I will fight to stop the irresponsible spending and borrowing that has left us nearly twenty trillion dollars in debt.

And unlike those Washington insiders who like to make empty promises about border security I will fight to secure our borders. And I won’t stop fighting until the job is done.

I am Justin Olson. I am running for Congress to ensure our children and grandchildren have the same opportunities that we’ve been so blessed to have as Americans.

I would be honored to earn your support.

With that support, I will always fight for our shared conservative values.

I will always stand with you in the fight to get our country back on the right track.