“I’m pleased to announce Justin Olson — a serious, thoughtful policy leader — is filing a vacancy on the Arizona Corporation Commission. Justin has built a reputation as a strong proponent for taxpayers and an incredibly hard worker. He is someone with a proven record of service whose detailed understanding of regulatory and policy issues prepares him to hit the ground running from day one. I’m pleased to be filling this important position with someone with Justin’s significant experience and qualifications.”
~Governor Doug Ducey



“Justin Olson is a principled conservative with the leadership and integrity we need on the Corporation Commission. I’m proud to give him my endorsement.”
~ David Schweikert


Biggs and Olson2

“I have known Justin for many years. He is a principled conservative lawmaker and serves with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. I’m voting for Justin. He will protect the ratepayers and rebuild the public confidence in the commission.

“I am pleased to endorse Justin Olson for the Arizona Corporation Commission. Since his appointment last year, he has served our state with distinction. Justin knows the policies of the commission, and he is dedicated to ensuring that all Arizonans receive the best possible service. We need conservative public servants like Justin Olson, and I look forward to his work over the next four years. I hope you will join me in voting for Justin Olson with one of your two votes for Arizona Corporation Commissioner.”
~Congressman Andy Biggs



“Justin Olson and I worked together to advance many conservative issues at the State Legislature. I am thrilled that ratepayers have his expertise and skill protecting our interests at the Corporation Commission. He has been a consistent and effective voice for low rates and reliable public services.”
~Congresswoman Debbie Lesko


Bob burns

“Commissioner Olson has been an excellent addition to the Corporation Commission. He serves with integrity and he holds utilities accountable to Arizona ratepayers. Voters will be well-served by keeping Justin’s oversight and judgment on the Commission.”
~Commissioner Bob Burns



“Justin Olson is terrific! I am so glad he is there and hope he gets elected so he can continue.”
~Former Commissioner Brenda Burns



“Justin is the first Commissioner that I have worked with in the last four years that is taking a proactive approach in dealing with a Johnson Utilities water issue. We need to keep more folks like Justin appointed to the Commission in order to make positive changes going forward. Please remember that going into the elections!”
~San Tan Valley Resident Nick Meyers


AZ Republic

“Olson was appointed to the office in October, after Doug Little left the post for a job with the Trump administration.

“Since joining, Olson has pushed for reforms, including more stringent standards that go beyond a watered-down code of ethics the commission adopted.

“Justin Olson has earned the right to be on the general election ballot.”

~The Arizona Republic Editorial Page