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2 August 2016News

Rep. Justin Olson of Mesa earns highest score on 2014 Taxpayer Scorecard

November 10th, 2014

Dear LD 25 (Mesa) Taxpayer,

Today the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity (AFP-Arizona) released its 2014 Legislative Scorecard, which grades 300 bills and weights them according to their projected dollar impact to Arizona taxpayers, consumers and producers. This year’s Scorecard is the 30th annual legislative report card published by AFP-Arizona and its predecessor organization, the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers.

AFP-Arizona’s 2014 Legislative Scorecard assigns heavy weights to bills dealing with the state budget, municipal taxation, the fate of revenue from a possible internet tax, personal property taxes, expansion of school choice scholarships for children, abolition of the state’s Inflation Tax, taxes on the use of electricity by manufacturers, criminal background checks for ObamaCare “navigators,” pension spiking by government employees, interstate purchase of health insurance, reforms to the state’s Medicaid program, burdensome regulations on entrepreneurs and businesses – including innovative ridesharing services — and a ballot referendum that would protect the right of terminally ill patients to try investigational drugs that could save their lives.

The highest-scoring Legislator on AFP-Arizona’s 2014 Scorecard is your own Rep. Justin Olson (R-Mesa), with 84 percent, which earns him the designation of Champion of the Taxpayer. The lowest-scoring Legislator on the 2014 Scorecard is Sen. Andrea Dalessandro (D-Tucson), with 18 percent, which earns her the designation of Champion of Big Government.

Rep. Justin Olson (

2014 Score & Category: 84% — Champion of the Taxpayer
Cumulative Average & Category: 79% — Friend of the Taxpayer

Rep. Justin Pierce (

2014 Score & Category: 66% — Not Bad
Cumulative Average & Category: 72% — Friend of the Taxpayer

Sen. Bob Worsley (

2014 Score & Category: 64% — Not Bad
Cumulative Average & Category: 36% — Friend of Big Government

Unfortunately, Governor Jan Brewer posted another disappointing performance, earning a score of 49 percent (her cumulative average is 40 percent and she has a cumulative designation of Friend of Big Government).

In 2015, with a good crop of Legislators and a new Governor, AFP-Arizona hopes to accomplish great things at the state Capitol. We have to save America from economic stagnation, and Arizona needs to lead the way, showing the country how to achieve free-market reforms that will create a dynamic economy to secure prosperity and well-being for our children and grandchildren. Please join the fight and TAKE ACTION TODAY.

For Liberty, Tom

Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity